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Meet the Team


Hey Guys,

Thank you for checking out our team behind the scenes. As we are a new company we are only a little team but with plenty of character! 


However, we don't feel like a little team as in our eyes you guys are all part of our team, as we couldn't be here without your continuous support and because of how good you all look in your Ancora gear.



Founding Director

From a young age I have had a strong passion for the equestrian's fashion industry. Constantly trying to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and struggling because of these "fashion trends" being far too expensive.


Due to horse riding being such an expensive sport, I found most equestrian fashion brands have kept their prices high, as they know they can, to keep up with their competitive market. In the end, saving up for these trends became rather tedious, especially knowing i'd fall off or ruin whatever I had spent ages saving for! This is why I decided to create Ancora Equestrian Ltd with the ambition of designing an affordable, fashionable and practical clothing range. Suitable for all ages, abilities and budgets.

All of Ancora's range have been designed for equestrians, by a fellow equestrian a.k.a Me! Ancora has manufactures over in Europe, Asia & India that all help to make my dreams and ideas come true. 

I hope you all fall in love with the brand, as much as I do. 
Thank you for all of your support.


Lots of love,

                       Ella x                        



I have ridden ever since I can remember, as my whole family are very involved in showjumping. I started competing when I was 6 years old and have loved horses my whole life.  Last year I was able to borrow Wilando B, a horse who my mum has competed since 2012. This was amazing as I able to jump classes I’d only ever watched before.I jumped in 2* Grand Prix’s, the World Class Under 25’s series and the National Under 21’s Championship Final.Away from horses, I am currently on my 3rd year of an LLB Law degree with honours where I aim to qualify into Equestrian law and I am also a classical singer (I sang at HOYS last year!).It is an honour and a privilege to represent Ancora equestrian. I have been consistently impressed with the consistency and professionalism of Ella and the entire brand. The products are of fantastic quality and are versatile (I played a hockey match in my base layer last week!) and always look the part. I am delighted to represent Ancora as I can rely on the quality and design of the company and would happily promote it to anyone. 


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I’m very lucky to run my own yard and have a lovely string of horses that I showjump. My biggest achievement this year was jumping double clear in the 7 year old classes at Oliva Nova and then winning the 7 year old championship at Chard Equestrian on my own horse ‘Solsboro Ziva’. I have also been breeding over the past 5 years and I’m very excited to be starting to compete my homebreds, my goal is to produce them through levels and compete successfully in age classes and then internationally.

I’m also a very keen UKCC BS coach when I’m not riding I’m teaching local riding clubs, pony clubs and all different abilities. 


I am completely in love with the brand Ancora, the quality of the clothes is fantastic, they are comfy, it’s affordable and also very fashionable. I am completely converted no more buying breeches that cost £100’s of pounds and just fall apart! I’m really excited to be part of the team and work with such an exciting up and coming brand!


LILY 2.jpg

We are so lucky to be working with these lovely ladies and can't wait to watch & support their journeys xx

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